Check in on your pet while you’re away.

Interact with your pet by using PetBot's built-in camera, microphone and treat dispenser. PetBot is the only pet monitoring tool that gives your pets the ability to send you selfies throughout the day, allowing for true two-way communication. Show them you care, even when you're not there!


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CAMERA TREAT DISPENSER WIFI-ENABLED Connects to your home's wireless internet Holds pet treats in its 5"x5"x5" bod. 720p HD camera captures your pet's activities. By using smaller treats, you can reward often without packing on pet pounds. SEXY BOD

Revolutionary Features

See their face

Log in to the smartphone app, play a voice recording or a noise, and watch your pet come running over!

Toss a treat

Reward your pet with a tasty treat right from your smartphone! PetBot is perfect for training and entertainment when you have to be away.

Get petselfies

PetBot uses artificial intelligence to recognize your pet and send you spontaneous petselfies throughout the day - a 10-second video clip of your furry companion enjoying a bite-sized reward!

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    Made from quality plastic and includes support for wall mounting for even the most devious of pets

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    Supports many types of small to medium treats, and is compact enough to fit anywhere in your home

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    Brightens your day by sending you video messages from your pet, and shows your pet you care even when you're not there

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    Refill warning

    Let PetBot notify you when you are almost out of treats

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    Bark Recognition

    State-of-the-art algorithms are able to recognize and report when your pet is stressed and barking excessively

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    Positive reinforcement

    Unlike other pet monitors, PetBot doesn't emit stressful lasers to chase. Pets are rewarded with treats which offers positive reinforcement — everytime

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